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Theres Gold in that Silence

Can you recall a time where you utilized silence to make a point? If you can consciously recall, you probably know your silence made more than just a point; it made an exclamation point ... and without a single word preceding it. Now that's powerful.

7 Destructive Habits of Incompetent People

WARNING! If you want to have a fantastic life, never engage yourself in these 7 deadly habits that incompetent people do.

Our Worst Enemy

Who do you consider as your worst enemy? The criminals roamingthe dark streets? Your boss who's killing you mentally andemotionally with stress and harsh words? The people in office who are engaging in graft and corruption, instead of helpingthose in need?

Do You Dither in Your Job Search?

I looked up the definition of "to dither" before writing this article. It is to be agitated and in a nervous state.

Burn-Out ...Whats Next?

If you feel the heat of burn-out, it is possible to stop the fire before it stops you.

Expectations Can Get In Our Way

There are times when we truly look forward to something just as there are times when we totally dread something. What is the difference between anticipation with joy and anticipation with anxiety? Where and how does that expectation actually take place? If we think about it, the expectations take place in our minds. And, what that really means is that we totally make it up. We tend to create ideas and stories about how wonderful or awful something might be.

What The Buddha Says About Coaches

There is a Buddhist saying that goes like this:

The Great Marketing Reframe

From grimaces to stomach knots, talking about marketing seems to take on the sound of Charlie Brown's teacher, with so many syllables of "wah WAaah, wah WAah, wah."

Tips for Writing Great Coaching E-Books

Never understimate the power of a well-written word. Tens of thousands of readers of coaching ebooks have had their lives changed for the better by a well written ebook.

The Power of Online Memberships

Have you ever noticed geese flying overhead, whether that be south for the winter, or back home in the spring?

Choosing an Apprentice

Along the path from where you are now to millions in revenue, thousands in readers, tens of thousands of prospects, or hundreds of clients -- whatever criteria you use to define success for your coaching...there us is one key speedbump which is seldom talked about.That is capacity.This is especially true as your revenues grow up to six figures and you set your sights on building a seven-figure legacy business with a global impact. How do you get your head around this problem? What secrets will ease your way through the growing pains? In all the many thousands of hours of consulting, coaching and training I've done, there is only one key I've found to date that doesn't require significant cash investment. And that is the concept of apprentices.

Coaching Prime Time

An awful lot of fantastic coaching has been coming out of Hollywood lately, have you noticed?

Throw a No-Heat Party for the Planet

Is it really possible to have loads of fun, and help the planet at the same time?

How to Choose the Right Coach for You

So you want to hire a coach but with so many choices it's easy to feel overwhelmed. How do you find the coach that is right for you? It can seem like a daunting task so here are some guidelines to help you make the right decision for you.

Successful Change Starts With A Shift In Perspective

Like so many in corporate America today, Susan needed more balance in her life-but she did not know how to get it. Faced with a 60-hour work week and a lengthy daily commute, Susan was left with little time for outside interests. Her job was literally draining her of energy, and her attitude at work was changing, especially within her business unit.

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ABC News

Notre Dame AD Swarbrick says Kelly won't be coaching for his job
ABC News
A fall from a preseason No. 10 ranking to a 2-5 start has left Notre Dame with a sour taste in its mouth, but athletic director Jack Swarbrick made it clear this week that Brian Kelly will not be coaching for his job once the Fighting Irish resume play ...
Brian Kelly Will Be Notre Dame's Coach Next Season, According to School ADBleacher Report

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The coaching change: Terry Pluto book excerpt from 'The Comeback: LeBron, the Cavs & Cleveland'
Some of the Cavs brass praised coach David Blatt for working with assistant Tyronn Lue and LeBron James to create the tough defensive persona that helped the Cavs reach the 2015 Finals. They also believe Blatt was reluctant to challenge LeBron in film ...

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Business 2 Community

Coaching vs Mentoring: What's The Difference?
Business 2 Community
I get asked by a lot of my clients about the difference between mentoring, and coaching and which type of “help” they need. When choosing a coach or mentor to help you, you must understand where you are now and where you want to be and then decided ...


Scott Servais, rest of Mariners' coaching staff to return in 2017
Manager Scott Servais said Manny Acta (third base coach), Tim Bogar (bench coach), Casey Candaele (first base coach), Mike Hampton (bullpen coach), Edgar Martinez (hitting coach) and Mel Stottlemyre (pitching coach) will all return in their positions.
Mariners coaching staff will return for 2017; Scott Brosius added as ...The Seattle Times
Mariners coaching staff to return for 2017, now with Scott BrosiusLookout Landing

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Daily Mail

Joe Worsley on coaching across the channel: French fans are wild... there's nothing like it in England
Daily Mail
The RFU have made it known that they want young English coaches to learn their trade abroad, to enhance their credentials for international rugby. They believe the potential benefits are enormous and Joe Worsley agrees – as someone who had already ...

Beaumont Enterprise

Coaching a lifelong passion for Bridge City's Dwayne DuBois
Beaumont Enterprise
DuBois, 48, never thought he would become a head high school football coach - much less the athletic director of his alma mater. In 1994, he was a 27-year-old married man who took the leap from working at an insurance company to becoming Bridge City's ...

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49ers coach Chip Kelly on returning to college next year: 'I'm not going anywhere'
There will always be a siren call for Chip Kelly to come back to college, even if we never know what the 49ers coach is actually considering. CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported Thursday there were indeed many folks who believed Kelly ...
Niners coach Chip Kelly: 'I'm not going anywhere'

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Chicago Tribune

Cross country notes: Mick Cavanaugh makes coaching comeback with Valparaiso
Chicago Tribune
"He's like a coaching father figure, someone you can go to for advice," Nellessen said. "And having that connection to the glory years of Valparaiso cross country has brought a lot of credibility. I don't think the girls truly understand the amount of ...

Bruins Nation

UCLA Football vs. Utah Utes Coaching and Special Teams Preview: Utah Coaches Do More With Less
Bruins Nation
Before we get to the Utah coaching staff, let's look at their special teams players. Andy Phillips has been a solid collegiate kicker all four years at Utah. He's made just under 84% of his field goal attempts and, while his career long is 53, his long ...

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Coaching Vacancy: Unified Basketball Coach. NYS Coach Certification required. Visit
Glens Falls Post-Star
Coaching Vacancy: Unified Basketball Coach. NYS Coach Certification required. Visit, for application & information. (Click on Employment Opportunities). All inquiries directed to Francis Cocozza, Principal, Lake George High School, 381 ...

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